Melbourne Tourism Statistics

Page last updated: 16 March 2020

A total of 13,900,000 tourists visited Melbourne from July 2018 to June 2019.1

  • This total included 2.9 million international tourists and 11 million domestic overnight visitors.
  • Melbourne was Australia’s 2nd most visited destination in 2019.

Melbourne Visitor Growth Statistics

  • Between 2009 and 2019, the number of domestic visitors to Melbourne increased by over 70% and the number of international visitors by 114%.
  • 2018/19 saw record numbers, with a 26.5% total growth over the previous year.
Data source: ABS. Image credit: Camper Champ, Melbourne

Melbourne - 2nd Most Popular Destination in Australia

  • In 2019, Melbourne was the 2nd most popular destination for both international and domestic tourists.
  • Melbourne was rated the world’s most liveable city for 7 years in a row (2011-17) and continues to draw a large number of visitors each year.2
Data source: TRA. Image credit: Camper Champ

How much money did Melbourne make from tourism in 2019?

  • Tourists spent a total of $17B in Melbourne from July 2018 to June 2019.
  • $9B came from domestic spend and $8B from international spend.
  • Melbourne ranked 2nd for total overall visitor spend for the 2018/19 year.
Data source: TRA. Image credit: Camper Champ

How much did international tourists spend per night?

  • At $125 per night, Melbourne ranks 3rd in Australia for average spend by international visitors.
Data source: TRA. Image credit: Camper Champ

How long do international tourists stay in Melbourne?

  • International tourists stayed in Melbourne for an average of 22 nights in 2019.
  • Melbourne ties with Canberra for the longest average stay by international tourists.
Data source: TRA. Image credit: Camper Champ

Melbourne camping & campervan statistics

  • The number of camping trips throughout Victoria has grown by 31% over the 10-year period from 2008 to 2018.3
  • In 2018 over 1.7 million overnight camping trips were made in Victoria.
  • Camping trips – including caravan, campervan, commercial and non-commercial camping – made up 12.9% of visitor nights for domestic travellers to Victoria in 2019 (year ending September)

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