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Typical daily rates for campervan hire range from around £50 to £300 per day. Campervans are available in several locations across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast being the main starting points for most travellers.

Campsites can be found all over the UK, with the average price for a basic camping spot being around £20-£30/night, depending on the location and season. Campsites that come with additional facilities like laundry, hot showers, a swimming pool and restaurant can cost considerably more.

Across the UK, some family-run pubs allow campers to park overnight in their motorhome, provided they have a meal or drink inside.

The UK brims with culture, nature, and cuisine, making it the ideal place to explore by campervan. There are some incredible driving roads here, such as the NC500 route in Scotland and the Black Mountain Pass in the Brecon Beacons.

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The Self-drive Holiday in the UK

The UK offers plenty tourist attractions and whether you’re a nature lover or a museum addict, there’s something to suit everyone. The mainland consists of England, Scotland and Wales, but you also have the option to hop on board a ferry and venture over to Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.

The United Kingdom boasts numerous historic sites, from ancient stone circles like Stonehenge to well-preserved Roman ruins such as Bath and Hadrian's Wall. You can also visit medieval castles, like the Tower of London, Edinburgh Castle, and Warwick Castle, or explore the grandeur of royal palaces, such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

There is also no shortage of diverse and picturesque landscapes—from the rolling hills of the Cotswolds and the dramatic coastlines of Cornwall to the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands and the serene tranquillity of the Lake District. The UK has it all!

With a rich cultural heritage and world-class museums such as the British Museum, the Tate Modern, and the National Gallery—the UK has museum aficionados covered! You can also explore the birthplaces and homes of famous authors like William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Sir Walter Scott or attend iconic events like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Notting Hill Carnival.

Trek to the Mountains

Along with parts of Wales, the north of the UK is the home of some impressive peaks. England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike, rewards hikers with incredible views sweeping across the Lake District National Park. It’s the perfect hike to warm up your legs before heading to Scotland and tackling Ben Nevis in Fort William.

Hiring a campervan gives you an advantage whilst completing hikes around the UK. Instead of leaving muddy, wet clothes on whilst getting trains and buses back to hotels, you can open up the door of your motorhome and get clean and warm in no time!

Head to the Coast

The coastline is the place for seaside villages, fish and chips and if you’re lucky, some good surf too! Cornwall, in the south of England, has one of the longest coastlines in the UK and is the ideal spot for roadtrip. With picturesque fishing villages, clear blue waters, and a campsite haven, Cornwall is a must.

Pembrokeshire in Wales is the country's only coastal national park, but it’s also the home of some of the best beaches in Wales and the majestic Pembroke Castle. It tends to be quieter in Pembrokeshire than in Cornwall, especially during peak season, so it’s a coastline to consider if you’re travelling in summer and want to avoid the crowds.

Try new foods

Britain has some interesting foods, and between Scotland, Wales and England, you can try plenty of new dishes. In Wales, you can park your motorhome on a campsite a few miles from the capital, Cardiff, and visit local cafes trying foods like Bara Brith, Welsh cakes and laverbread. Scotland, on the other hand, offers fiery haggis and yablet, while in England, you dine anywhere from Michelin-starred restaurants to casual, traditional pub fare. The United Kingdom is also famous for its afternoon tea tradition—fancy a jam and cream scone?

Travel Tips for the UK

How can you save money on a campervan holiday in the UK?

The UK is known for being expensive, but there are some things you can do, especially when travelling in a campervan, that can help keep costs lower.

Plan free activities: With over 2,000 museums across Great Britain, a range of botanical gardens, art galleries and even mediaeval sites, there is plenty to do without spending a penny. For those wanting to get some hikes under their belt, there are plenty of trails to follow, many of which have convenient campervan parking nearby, such as Mam Tor in the Peak District, England.

Hire a campervan: Instead of buying one that can set you back thousands, hiring a campervan is an ideal way to test if it's the type of travel for you. With campsites and wild camping spots up and down the UK’s mainland and beyond, it’s the perfect place to explore by motorhome.

Avoid service station fill-ups: Fuel is relatively pricey, and filling up on motorways and service stations is considerably higher than in supermarkets or local, small garages. It’s worth loosely planning fill-ups and steering clear of the big brand service stations where possible.

Choose the right vehicle: There are many types of campervan available to hire, and it can be overwhelming knowing which one to choose for your trip. Picking the right vehicle is important as it means you can work out exactly what you need from a camper and not go over budget hiring a higher-priced one with modern features.

Dodge peak season: Summer is peak season across the British Isles, and when the sun starts beaming its rays, be prepared for busy roads and beaches! Campsites also get busier and more expensive during summer, so it’s worth booking early to find the best prices and secure your spot. Spring is a quieter time to visit, and although the weather is a bit cooler, campsites are cheaper, and beaches are empty.

When is the best time to go campervanning in the UK?

The United Kingdom is notorious for having unpredictable weather, which is something to consider when hiring a campervan. The average rainfall is 1150 mm, so if you head in autumn or winter, be ready with a brolly or two!

The best time to go campervanning depends on the type of holiday you want to have. Temperatures are, on average, around 16℃, although this varies a lot between different areas across the British Isles and depends on the time of year.

Spring (March-May): Spring is a stunning time to visit Great Britain as roads are relatively quiet, the weather is warming up, and plants and animals are waking up for the milder days. The average temperature in the UK for March, April, and May is between 12℃ and 18℃ (54℉ and 64℉), but this varies quite a lot depending on what part of the country you’re in!

If you enjoy colder climates, the average temperature in Scotland for March is below 10℃ (50℉), so it might be worth heading there to catch the last bit of snow. Be sure to hire a campervan with a reliable heating source, as temperatures can unexpectedly drop pretty low during the night.

Summer (June-August): Summertime can get hot, with the highest temperature in 2022 recorded as 40.3℃ (104.5℉) in Lincolnshire. The summer average is usually between 15℃ and 25℃ (59℉ and 77℉). If you’re considering in summer, be mindful that roads, beaches, campsites, and wild park-ups get busy as this is peak season.

The north of the UK is always colder than the south, so if summer is the only time you can visit but you’re not a fan of scorching rays, it might be worth heading to Scotland to find some cool relief.

Autumn (September-November): Autumn brings more than just pumpkins and Halloween. As temperatures begin to fall, so does the rain, and the weather can become somewhat unsettled. Don’t let the thought of some wet days in your motorhome put you off! You can see the magic of autumn in the red and orange crispy leaves that scatter themselves on pathways and the roadside. The average autumn temperature in the UK is between 9℃ and 17℃ (48℉ and 63℉), so all you need is a coat and a pair of waterproof boots.

Winter (December-February): Along with many holiday festivities at the beginning of the season, winter can also be a good time to travel in a campervan, as long as you can cope with some chilly, rainy days! The average winter temperature ranges between 0℃ and 7℃ (32℉ and 45℉), but the further north you head, the colder (and snowier) it becomes! Across the UK, during winter, there are festivals and markets to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

How long do you need in the UK for a campervan holiday?

The UK is an island with so much on offer, so it’s hard to say how much time you need to explore it all! If you want to take a trip from Devon, down the south of the UK, all the way up through Wales to Scotland, 6 weeks would be a suitable amount of time to crunch miles and get a true feel for what Great Britain is all about. If you want to explore even further in your campervan and hop over to the Outer Hebrides or the Republic of Ireland, 10 weeks will give you plenty of time to soak it all in.

Where can you find free water for campervans in the UK?

Finding free water while travelling is easy, as most fuel stations have a tap outside their building. It’s best to be polite and ask a worker in the garage if you can fill up your tank. If the answer is no, try a few more stations, or even go to a campsite and ask if you can fill up there.

Parking a Campervan in the UK

Where are some of the best places to park a campervan in the UK?

Wild camping in the UK can be a bit complicated—as, in Scotland, wild camping is legal in most areas, whereas in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, it is deemed illegal. Wild camping is generally tolerated if campers are respectful of locals, leave no trace, and don’t disrupt wildlife. There are more and more ‘no overnight parking’ signs popping up, so if you see one, make sure you move on to a different spot.

Below is a list of wild camping spots from areas across the country where spending a night or two in your campervan is acceptable.

  • Mam Tor, Peak District, England
  • Old Wardour Castle, Tisbury, England
  • Cosmeston Lakes, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales
  • Panorama Walk, Llangollen, Wales
  • River Ythan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Where can you park a campervan overnight in the UK?

Wild camping is not legal across the whole UK, but there are areas where it’s tolerated or accepted. The United Kingdom is home to 15 national parks, but not all of them permit overnight parking for campervans. Dartmoor National Park, along with Exmoor, New Forest, Yorkshire Dales, Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, and the Lake District, all prohibit the parking of motorhomes overnight.

The South Downs, North York Moors, Northumberland, Peak District, Pembrokeshire Coast, Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia, The Cairngorms, and Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Parks are all far more flexible with campervans and overnight parking.

Car Parks

Throughout the UK, there are various car parks allowing overnight parking for campervans, but often they are paid. The price of parking a motorhome overnight in a car park can be pretty high, but valuable if you want to head near cities and park your camper securely.

Street Parking

Street parking isn’t always an option, as streets are often narrow and busy with residential parking. If it’s late at night and you're struggling to find somewhere to park your motorhome overnight, it’s best to find a rural spot or campsite where you won’t upset locals and can park hassle-free.

Top 10 Campervan-friendly Campsites in the UK

We’ve got a list of campsites in the private sector that are perfect for your UK motorhome trip. If you’re heading to the UK during peak season, book a slot in advance to avoid missing out!

Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Activity Centre, Hampshire, England

Price: From £20/night

Website: https://www.avontyrrell.org.uk/2023-prices.html

The lakes surrounding the Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Activity Centre add to the peaceful ambience of the site, but if you want to pack your stay full of adventure, there are activities such as climbing, abseiling, and archery. There is an amenities block with standard facilities such as toilets and showers, and a cafe onsite also offers light refreshments.

Barn Farm Campsite, Peak District, England

Price: From £22/night

Website: https://www.barnfarmcamping.com/

Nestled away in the scenic Peak District is Barn Farm Campsite, a spacious site offering 5-star facilities and a picturesque place to park your campervan for a few days. Barn Farm was listed in the Guardian’s ‘10 Best Campsites For Wildlife’ and features a variety of toilets and showers, laundry facilities, a games room, and a children’s play area.

Castle Point Caravan Site, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

Price: From £25.50/night

Website: https://www.castlepointcc.com/

With beaches such as Rockcliffe and Glenstocken Cove just a short walk away from Castle Point Caravan Site, it’s a great place to park up and enjoy some of the magic Dumfries, and Galloway has to offer. There are numerous coastal walks to explore from the campsite, and facilities include WI-FI, electricity, laundry, a play area and hot showers.

Crows Nest Caravan Park, North Yorkshire, England

Price: From £27/night

Website: https://www.crowsnestholidays.com/our-parks/crows-nest-caravan-park/

With so much to do at Crows Nest Caravan Park, it will be hard to fit it all in during your motorhome stay! Onsite, there are impressive facilities such as a heated indoor swimming pool, family bar, supermarket, and even a fish and chip shop. Other facilities include a local bus service, WI-FI, and a children’s play area, matched perfectly with a stunning sea view.

Kinloch Campsite, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Price: From £22/night

Website: https://kinloch-campsite.co.uk/

The Isle of Skye is a must-visit for any campervan tourers heading up to the Scottish Highlands, and there’s no better way of exploring what Skye has to offer, than a stay at Kinloch Campsite. Along with loch and mountain views, the campsite has great facilities such as showers and toilets, laundry, a dishwashing room and WI-FI to make your stay as stress-free and relaxing as possible.

Pencarnan Farm Caravan and Camping Site, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Price: From £13.50/night

Website: https://pencarnanfarm.co.uk/

It’s hard to beat the coastal location of Pencarnan Farm Caravan and Camping Site, as you can lie back in your motorhome and relax, listening to the sound of crashing waves against the dramatic cliffs. Year-round facilities at the campsite include toilets and showers, electric shaver points, electric hook-up, WI-FI, and a dishwashing area. During the summer, there is a coffee hut, craft beer bar, and wood-fired pizzas.

Lower Penderleath Farm, Cornwall, England

Price: From £15/night

Website: http://stivescampingandhostel.com/

Just a few miles away from the popular location of Penzance in Cornwall, Lower Penderleath Farm is the perfect place to wind down after a long day sunbathing on one of the local beaches. Along with a wet suit rinsing area, the campsite has a shower and toilet block, mineral water, a dishwashing area, and provides use of mains power for charging devices.

Sundrum Castle Holiday Park, Ayrshire, Scotland

Price: From £11/night

Website: https://www.parkdeanresorts.co.uk/location/scotland/sundrum-castle/

In the attractive area of Ayrshire in Scotland is Sundrum Castle Holiday Park, offering far more than just a place to park your campervan, with a wildlife nature trail, arcade, and indoor pool. There are also facilities such as waste and water disposal, launderette, toilets, showers, and disabled access.

Thorning Farm Glamping and Camping, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Price: From £18/night

Website: https://www.thorningfarmglamping.co.uk/

For a quiet oasis tucked away on the Carmarthenshire Coast in Wales, Thorning Farm offers a beautiful site for campers and glampers alike. The site is surrounded by wildlife, and when you aren’t busy watching the birds soaring and diving above, you can make the most of the facilities onsite. Thorning Farm is dog-friendly, with a shop, playground, and outdoor kitchen.

Woodlands Caravan Park, Ceredigion, Wales

Price: From £18/night

Website: https://woodlandsdevilsbridge.co.uk/

Woodlands Caravan Park is an ideal place to wind down and reconnect with nature in some of Wales’ most impressive landscapes. The campsite has a modern, heated toilet and shower block, shop, tea room, and playground, with sensational mountain views. To keep you entertained on rainy days, table tennis and local beers and chocolate are available in the campsite shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the campervan be fitted with a bike rack?

Yes, many companies allow a bike rack to be fitted to the vehicle. Some companies, such as Apollo and Bunk Campers, even include this in the standard rental rate.

Please note that bike racks are not available with all makes and models, and usually must be reserved in advance.

Can I rent a VW campervan?

The VW California camper is a favourite for campervan holidays and is offered for rent by several UK brands. Use our search tool to check availability and prices across multiple companies.

In general, vintage VW campervans are not offered by the major motorhome hire providers. However, they may be available from specialised suppliers.

Can you park a campervan anywhere overnight in the UK?

Generally, no. Land in the UK is usually privately owned, and it is not possible to wild camp without obtaining prior approval. Doing so without approval is a breach of the law.

As wild camping (free camping) laws can vary in the UK, it pays to check in advance to find out the rules and regulations for the area you’re planning on travelling to. In England and Wales, it is illegal without prior approval, but in Scotland, for example, the laws can be much more relaxed.

Campsites are widely available in the UK, however, and are quite affordable, starting at around £12 per night. Many national parks also allow you to camp overnight. Details can be found here.

Check with the local council or a visitor information centre if you are unsure of the regulations within a specific area.

What kind of licence do you need to drive a campervan in the UK?

All drivers must have a current and full driver’s licence to hire a vehicle. If your licence is from the UK, it must entitle you to drive a category B vehicle up to 3,500 kg. If you have demerit points on your licence or any convictions, extra fees or restrictions may apply.

Foreign licences are acceptable if they are in English or are accompanied by an accredited English translation. Otherwise, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is required.

Can I rent a campervan in the UK if I’m under 21?

Most campervan rental companies in the UK require the driver to be 21 years of age or older. In addition, you must have held your licence for a specific period of time (generally 2–5 years). Certain vehicles may be restricted for those under the age of 25.

Enter the driver’s age into our search tool and we will filter available vehicles to match.

Drivers need to hold a full licence, and additional insurance for young drivers may also be required.

Are one-way campervan rentals available?

Yes, a large number of companies allow one-way rentals. Our comparison tool will automatically factor in any additional fees and show you which vehicles are available on your preferred route.

Note: policies vary from supplier to supplier. Always check the T&Cs for your rental.

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