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The cost of renting a campervan in Queenstown starts at around $100/day for compact campers and can go up to $650/day or more for larger motorhomes in peak season. Popular vehicles include the Jucy Crib, Britz Venturer and Mighty Double Up.

The strategically-located city serves as the perfect base to explore the South Island in a campervan. The ice-capped wonders of the Southern Alps reside nearby, and you’ll find no shortage of spectacular sites within a day’s drive.

RV travel is popular in New Zealand, and the government has built infrastructure to meet demand. Facilities like water refills and dump points lie peppered around the South Island, plus an abundance of breathtakingly beautiful campsites.

One-way rentals are also an option with some travellers choosing to drop-off their vehicle in Christchurch, Wellington (North Island) or in Auckland (North Island).

Popular Campers in Queenstown

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Luxury Motorhomes

Jucy Cabana



Britz 4-Berth Voyager

4-Berth Voyager


Portable toilet only
Britz 6-Berth Frontier

6-Berth Frontier


Budget Campers Budget Finder

Budget Finder

Budget Campers

Maui Platinum River

Platinum River


Mighty 6-Berth Big Six

6-Berth Big Six


Britz 4-Berth Discovery

4-Berth Discovery


Discover NZ 4-6 Berth Imala Deluxe

4-6 Berth Imala Deluxe

Discover NZ

Freedom Campers Hi Top 4 1 Family Path Finder

Hi Top 4 1 Family Path Finder

Freedom Campers

Portable toilet only
Jucy Chaser



Tui 4 1 Family Trail Finder

4 1 Family Trail Finder


Portable toilet only
Jucy Cabana



Budget Campers Budget Finder

Budget Finder

Budget Campers

Britz 6-Berth Frontier

6-Berth Frontier


Maui Platinum River

Platinum River


Mighty 6-Berth Big Six

6-Berth Big Six


Discover NZ 4-6 Berth Imala Deluxe

4-6 Berth Imala Deluxe

Discover NZ

Not all vehicles may be available. Use the search tool to check availability for your travel dates.

Queenstown Airport Campervan Hire

Can I hire a campervan at the airport in Queenstown?

Yes, you can. All the major cities in New Zealand, such as Auckland and Wellington in the North Island, Christchurch and Queenstown in the South Island, have depots located at the airport.

Several more companies offer their airport rentals as “serviced non-depot locations”, meaning that although they do not have a physical depot at the airport, they will arrange to bring the vehicle to you.

The Self-drive Holiday in Queenstown

Renting a campervan in Queenstown is the most convenient and cost-effective way to explore the South Island. Here’s why:

  • Low-cost adventures: With your accommodation and transport rolled into one, you’ll spend far less than on a traditional hotel/hire car holiday.

  • Minimise driving: Instead of returning to Queenstown after a long day of sightseeing, you can cruise into the closest campsite and retire for the night.

  • Freedom: A campervan allows you to explore New Zealand at your own pace. No need to stick to a strict itinerary—just follow the whims of the road.

  • Natural connection: Reacquaint yourself with Mother Nature by camping out under the stars.

  • Easy access: With fresh clothes, water, and a fridge full of food within arm’s reach, you’ll enjoy a convenient, hassle-free holiday.

When driving around Queenstown in a campervan rental, remember these important tips:

  1. Vehicles in New Zealand are driven on the left side of the road.
  2. Seatbelts and child restraints are compulsory.
  3. Livestock use the roads. Occasionally you may come across a sheep or cow using the main road.
  4. A maximum speed limit of 100 km/h applies to open roads and 50 km/h in urban areas in NZ unless indicated otherwise. Speed limits do change depending on vehicle weight. School zones also have speed limits reduced to 40 km/h during certain hours on school days. Always pay attention to posted speed limit signs and adjust your speed accordingly.
  5. Some railway crossings in rural areas are not indicated by warning lights. Approach these with caution and prepare to stop.
  6. Most popular tourist areas in NZ have dedicated parking for motorhomes that are longer and wider.
  7. There are 3 toll roads in NZ: the Takitimu Drive Toll Road (formerly Route K), the Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road and the Northern Gateway Toll Road, north of Auckland.
  8. Carry your driver's licence or IDP with you when travelling.
  9. The blood alcohol content limit in NZ is 0.05%.

Travel tips for Queenstown

How can you save money on a campervan holiday in Queenstown?

Campervan travel is cheap. And by following a few money-saving tips, the savvy traveller can whittle down expenses even further.

  • Advanced bookings: As rental companies adjust rates with availability, you’ll save big bucks by booking ahead.

  • Off-peak adventures: Peak seasons like the Christmas / New Year period, Easter, and New Zealand school holidays entail higher rental rates.

  • Shop around: A campervan comparison tool like Camper Champ will compare all the major Queenstown rental companies, saving you time and money.

  • Size matters: A small budget-friendly campervan will cost you significantly less to hire and refuel than a large luxurious motorhome.

  • Added extras: Many rental companies throw in camping essentials like chairs, fold-up tables, and cooking gear. That saves you from purchasing your own.

  • Stay longer: Some rental agencies offer discounted rates for extended stays of a week or more, which reduces your daily hire costs.

  • Ignore the north: While the North Island is incredible, combining both islands into one trip will set you back a considerable sum. Save it for next time.

  • Return to Queenstown: Dropping your camper off in Christchurch will save you time, but you’ll get slugged with a hefty one-way drop-off fee. Consider doubling back to Queenstown instead.

  • Draft a rough itinerary: Planning a loose circular route will minimise backtracking and save you money at the petrol pump. Speaking of fuel, petrol is pricey in New Zealand, so use the GASPY app to compare prices between service stations.

  • Self-cater: Cooking in your campervan is a great way to hone your culinary skills and avoid forking out for restaurants. Just as well, you’ve got a nifty little kitchen on board.

  • Free camp: New Zealand is a paradise for free camping. Find fee-free campsites in your travel area.

  • Hike: Hiking won’t cost you a dime and lets you admire the South Island’s majestic landscapes at a leisurely pace. Plus, it’ll do wonders for your waistline.

  • Purchase a pass: An NZ Ski Superpass gives you access to the South Island’s top three snow resorts and adrenaline-pumping attractions for a discounted rate. Summer activity passes from Klook and Everything Queenstown let you bundle activities to save.

When is the best time to go campervanning in Queenstown?

Summer (Dec-Feb) is the ideal season for South Island exploration. Warm balmy days and minimal rainfall make campervan travel a dream. However, you’ll have to contend with higher rental prices and thicker crowds at the top tourist sites.

  • Average Queenstown temperatures: December 20°C / 8°C, January 22°C / 9°C, February 22°C / 9°C

Autumn (Mar-May) offers relatively pleasant weather, although it gets chilly towards the end of the season—pack plenty of warm clothes. Thinner crowds and lower rental rates help compensate for the cold. If you’re here during April or May, swing by Central Otago to see the foliage transform into a kaleidoscope of colour.

  • Average Queenstown temperatures: March 19°C / 7°C, April 15°C / 4°C, May 12°C / 2°C

Winter (Jun-Aug) sees snowfall smother the Southern Alps. The Queenstown ski season, which runs from June to September, offers excellent conditions for thrill-seekers of all abilities. Hire a campervan with a heater to stay snug during sub-zero evenings. Coastal areas experience icy winds and frequent rainfall.

  • Average Queenstown temperatures: June 8°C / 0°C, July 8°C / -1°C, August 10° / 0°

Spring (Sep-Nov) sees the snow start to melt and landscapes evolve into luscious shades of green. Skiing is still a thing in September, while November brings pleasant weather for outdoor adventures. Avid green thumbs will adore the blooming gardens found in Christchurch, Otago, Dunedin, and Alexandra.

  • Average Queenstown temperatures: September 13°C / 2°C, October 15°C / 4°C, November 18°C / 6°C

A string of exciting festivals, and events take place across the South Island throughout the year. Some of the most memorable shindigs include:

  • Beach Break (January, Nelson)

  • World Buskers Festival (January, Christchurch)

  • Electric Avenue Festival (February, Christchurch)

  • Hokitika Wildfoods Festival (March, Hokitika Beach)

  • Marchfest (March, Nelson)

  • Marlborough Wine Festival (May, Marlborough)

  • Victorian Fete (November, Oamaru)

  • Rhythm & Alps Music Festival (December, Wanaka)

  • Twisted Frequency Festival (December, Golden Bay

How long do you need in Queenstown for a campervan holiday?

One to two weeks is a reasonable timeframe for a campervan trip around Queenstown and the South Island.

With one week, you could bounce between a small selection of the destinations outlined. Two weeks give you more time to explore in-depth, including a few lesser-known destinations.

You could spend more time marvelling at the South Island’s majestic scenery—ideally, you’d have months up your sleeve. But for everyday travellers with limited time and money, one to two weeks will suffice.

As for the North Island: should you combine the two into one trip?

It’s possible, but probably not worth the hassle and expense. You’ll need to fork out thick wads of cash for the Wellington-Picton car ferry and a one-way drop-off fee. Most motorhome travellers agree it’s better to stick to one island at a time.

Parking a Campervan in Queenstown

Where are some of the best places to park a campervan in Queenstown?

While Queenstown is a small city (population: 15,800), the place packs out with tourists during the peak summer and ski seasons. Consequently, parking can become quite hard to come by. Allow extra time to find a suitable spot, and expect to walk some distance to your destination.

On the plus side, most city centre restaurants, shops, and attractions lie within easy walking distance.

Parking in Queenstown costs between $1 and $4 per hour. Almost everywhere has a time limit, typically two or four hours. Get in early during peak travel seasons.

Expect to pay around $4 per hour for on-street parking on these centrally-located Queenstown streets:

  • Park Street (next to the gardens)

  • Camp Street

  • Stanley Street

  • Earl Street

  • Memorial Street

  • Coronation Drive

If you’re struggling to find a spot, the sprawling Man Street underground car park almost always has space and charges $3 per hour or $18 per day. Watch your height restrictions. Church Street has a smaller underground Wilson’s-run car park with slightly lower rates.

Cruising in a large motorhome?

Don’t even bother trying to park in the CBD. Not only is it illegal, but you simply won’t find any suitably-sized spots. Instead, head to the Boundary Street Car Park, which has 33 spaces specially designed for big bulky motorhomes—it’s prohibited to park a car or small campervan here. Best of all, parking costs just $1 per hour.

Limited space means parking enforcement is strict in Queenstown. Pay close attention to the signs, and never park beside yellow lines.

Where can you park a campervan overnight in Queenstown?

The ill effects of mass tourism have led to freedom camping restrictions in many South Island jurisdictions, including Queenstown. Free camping anywhere within the Queenstown city limits (and some other council areas) is strictly forbidden, regardless of whether you’re self-contained.

That means you’ll have to overnight at a designated campground. Thankfully, there are plenty of options scattered around town. Within the CBD, try the following:

  • QBox Creek Park

  • Queenstown Holiday Park Creeksyde

  • Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park

If you don’t mind staying outside of town, you could try 12 Mile Delta Campsite or Moke Lake Campsite.

The closest free campground (self-contained only) to Queenstown is the Kawarau Bridge Historic Reserve, a 25-minute drive from the city.

Free camping regulations are less strict elsewhere in the South Island, but it pays to pay attention to the signs.

Wherever you decide to overnight, always follow responsible camping etiquette.

How much is campervan entry to a national park in NZ? Are any permits required?

National park entry is free throughout New Zealand, including all ten spectacular South Island parks.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) operates a broad range of national park campgrounds, which it prices depending on the facilities. Expect to pay anywhere from nothing to $23 per adult per night.

Freedom camping within a national park is generally only permitted where signs explicitly state so. Only self-contained vehicles can free camp within a national park.

Campers planning to spend multiple nights inside national parks should consider the DOC Campsite Pass. For $95, you get 30 days of access to almost all DOC-operated campgrounds.

Kids under 17 get charged at half the adult rate, while toddlers under five stay for free. These discounts apply to individual bookings and the DOC Pass.

Many DOC campgrounds require an online reservation, even for DOC Campsite Pass holders. Other sites run on a first-in-first-served system. Get in early during peak season and have a backup plan should your preferred place fill up.

Top 10 Campervan-friendly Campsites near Queenstown

The South Island has a plethora of picture-perfect campgrounds. Here are some of our campervan-friendly favs:

12-Mile Delta Campground

Twenty minutes west of Queenstown lies 12-Mile Delta, a scenic campsite on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Sweeping views, reasonable rates, and proximity to town more than make up for the basic on-site amenities. Walkers will find a string of spectacular trails nearby.

Price: from $15 per site per night

Amenities: toilets, non-potable water

Queenstown Holiday Park Creeksyde

Situated a stone’s throw from the centre, this popular holiday park is the fanciest place to camp in town. Spacious grassy sites sit separated by hedges, and the on-site amenities are world-class. The kids will love the whimsical, fairytale-like monuments peppered around the campground.

Price: from $40 per site per night

Amenities: toilets, showers, tap water, bbq, games, camp kitchen, laundry

Kawarau Historic Bridge Reserve

Don’t fancy forking out for accommodation in Queenstown? Then follow the stream of other budget travellers towards Kawarau Historic Bridge. Self-contained campers can stay overnight for free—but they’ll have to endure the blood-curdling screams coming from AJ Hackett Bungy.

Price: free

Amenities: none

Lake Sylvan Campsite

Just past Glenorchy, this spacious grassy campground is a great base for trekkers hitting the iconic Routeburn Track. Spectacular Southern Alps views and low nightly rates make it enticing for travellers visiting Glenorchy or wandering towards Milford Sound.

Price: $15 per person per night

Amenities: toilets, non-potable water

Lake Tekapo Motels and Holiday Park

This spacious holiday park affords sweeping vistas of aquamarine waters and ice-capped mountains. Don’t even bother shopping around, as it’s the only campground in town. Penny-pinchers and passionate freedom campers could try the nearby Edwards Stream campsite instead (it’s free).

Price: from $56 per site per night

Amenities: toilets, showers, potable water, bbq, games, camp kitchen, laundry, WiFi, dump point, powered sites

Milford Sound Lodge

Nestled amid the “Eighth Natural Wonder of the World,” this well-regarded campsite gives you spectacular scenery in spades. The amenities are first-rate, and reception will readily organise tomorrow’s Milford Sound adventure.

Price: from $35 per person

Amenities: toilets, showers, potable water, bins, bbq, games, camp kitchen, laundry, WiFi, powered sites

Moke Lake Campsite

Also 20 minutes from Queenstown, this lovely waterfront campsite sits on the shores of the tiny Lake Moke. Say hello to curious waddling ducks or plunge into the water for a refreshing swim. Steep hill climbs offer superb views of the outlying alpine region.

Price: from $15 per person per night

Amenities: toilets, non-potable water

Ocean View Recreation

Budget travellers visiting Dunedin should roll up to Ocean View Reserve. Located 20 minutes from town, this awesome freebie sits mere metres from the beach and has proper flushing toilets. A limited number of self-contained and non-self-contained spots are available, so get in early.

Price: free

Amenities: toilets, potable water, dump points

Wanaka Lake View Holiday Park

While it’s not the most scenic campground in the South Island, this popular holiday park has excellent amenities and a convenient central location. Solo travellers will appreciate the fact they charge per person rather than per site.

Price: from $22 per person

Amenities: toilets, showers, potable water, bins, bbq, games, camp kitchen, laundry, WiFi, ensuite sites, powered sites, dump point

White Horse Hill Campground

Tucked away under the shadow of Mount Cook, this stunning spot is among the most sought-after DOC campsites in the country. Yes, you’ll overnight in a dirt car park. But the vistas are unbeatable, and you’ll get easy access to several epic Southern Alps walks—try the Hooker Valley Track.

Price: from $18 per person

Amenities: toilets, potable water, bins, kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of licence do you need to hire a campervan in Queenstown?

You’ll need a full, non-restricted car license to rent a campervan in Queenstown. If your license isn’t in English, get an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) as well.

Most hire companies won’t rent vehicles to customers under 21. One exception is JUCY, which accepts drivers over 18 and/or with a provisional Australian or restricted New Zealand license. Expect to pay extra with a young driver’s surcharge.

How much does it cost to stay in a caravan park?

A night at a holiday park or campsite around Queenstown will range from $15 to $25 (NZD) for a DOC (Department of Conservation) campsite and around $20–$50 for a night at a caravan park.

Some popular caravan parks near Queenstown include Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park, Queenstown Holiday Park Creeksyde and Arrowtown Holiday Park.

Can I bring my pet with me when renting a campervan?

There are a number of pet-friendly campervan rental companies in New Zealand that allow you to travel with your dog or cat. Approval must be obtained in advance and this will usually incur a fee to cover the extra cleaning cost. Contact our support team to check if it’s possible to take a pet on board a specific vehicle.

How long should I plan for a motorhome holiday to the South Island?

A good idea is to plan for a minimum of 7 days. However, even a 2- or 3-week road trip around the South Island will easily be filled.

Popular attractions include Mount Cook, UNESCO-designated Fiordland National Park with Milford Sound, Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier, and the adventure capital of Queenstown.

Is it better to rent a motorhome in Queenstown or in Christchurch?

More companies have depots location in Christchurch. Additionally, some suppliers, although they offer Queenstown vehicle pickups/drop-offs, don’t have a Queenstown branch and will deliver the vehicle for you. This usually increases the cost of your RV rental.

Does my campervan rental come with unlimited mileage?

Yes, unlimited kilometres are generally included for standard vehicle rentals in New Zealand. The comparison tool will show you whether your preferred vehicle has unlimited or restricted kilometres.

Note: policies vary from supplier to supplier. Always check the T&Cs for your rental.

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