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Campervan Rental Locations in Tasmania

How to Find a Cheap Campervan Rental in Hobart - Tips

  • book in advance – prices tend to be lower when the availability is still higher
  • avoid peak periods – Christmas and the December-January summer holiday period tend to be the most expensive in Tasmania
  • be flexible with travel dates – while this might not always be possible, if you do have the flexibility, try moving around your travel dates – sometimes even a day or day two can make a difference
  • rent what you need – simply put, smaller campervans are cheaper. If you can forego the extra facilities such as a bathroom or shower, renting a smaller camper can save you a lot
  • use a price comparison tool – knowledge it the key to… lower prices. Compare and find the cheaper options

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: We compare multiple individual companies – each has its own terms and policies. Use the below answers as a general guide, however always check the terms of your rental, as details of may vary from company to company.


Can I rent a motorhome in Hobart and leave it in Launceston?

Yes, some of the suppliers listed on Camper Champ do offer one way rentals. Simply choose your Pick up and Drop off locations appropriately to check availability of one way rentals. Booking confirmations are usually either immediate (when tagged with the caption “Instant Book”) or within 24h.


Can I rent a campervan directly from Hobart Airport?

A few suppliers are located within 2-4 km from Hobart Airport – some offer a shuttle service, with others own transport will need to be organised. To select suppliers with branches closer to Hobart International Airport please select Hobart Airport as your pick-up/drop-off location in the search tool.


What living and cooking equipment is included with the vehicles?

Most campervans come with basic cooking and eating equipment and utensils, as well as include bedding and shower towels. Details will differ by company – you’ll find further information in our comparison tool.


What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum length for a rental is typically 5, 7, or 10 days (depending on the company), though it may be longer during summer and other peak times. Enter your travel dates into our tool and we will automatically show you available vehicles that meet the minimum rental period for your travel dates.

Tip: if there aren’t enough vehicles available in your required time period, try extending the rental period by 1 or 2 days, or shifting the pickup / dropoff dates by a couple days – if you can.


Depots in Hobart

Please note: your pickup location may differ. Always check the pickup address indicated in your booking.

Apollo Motorhome Holidays
1 Hawkesford Rd
TAS, 7170

Distance to Airport:  1.2 km

Bargain Campers
173 Harrington Street
TAS, 7000

Distance to Airport:  19.1 km

Britz Campervan Rentals
14 Long Street
TAS, 7170

Distance to Airport:  at airport

Captain Billy’s 4WD Hire

This is a serviced location. Arrange pick-up with supplier.

Cruisin Motorhomes Australia
3 Runway Place
TAS, 7170

Distance to Airport:  3.2 km

GoCheap Campervans
3 Runway Place
TAS, 7170

Distance to Airport:  3.2 km

Leisure Rent
94 Kennedy Drive Cambridge
TAS, 7170

Distance to Airport:  2.5 km

Maui Motorhome
14 Long Street
TAS, 7170

Distance to Airport:  at airport

Tasmania Campers

This is a serviced location. Arrange pick-up with supplier.

Tassie Motor Shack Rentals
12 Aqua Place
Seven Mile Beach
TAS, 7170

Distance to Airport:  5.1 km

Attractions around Hobart

Mt Wellington

Rising 1270 metres above the city at its base, the tallest peak in the Wellington Range (original name: Kunanyi) is frequently topped by snow, even into the summer.

An enclosed lookout near the summit affords a dramatic 360-degree view of nearly 100 miles over the city and the Derwent River estuary, as it enters the Tasman Sea. An extensive network of walking tracks within this urban natural reserve allows for a variety of outdoor pursuits.

Campervan access: Mount Wellington is easily reached by Pinnacle Road, a 22-km winding drive from the CBD. There are several parking areas within the park.

MONA Museum

One of Hobart’s newer and more controversial attractions, the Museum of Old and New Art opened in 2011 on a peninsula 12 km north of the CBD and many visitors arrive by ferry on the Derwent River.

Appearing at first as a single level structure, the $75 million museum extends two windowless stories underground by way of a spiral staircase and houses 400 artistic works from the private collection of local millionaire David Walsh. Art is arranged in a seemingly random fashion, rather than in a thematic scheme, and on site there are both a winery and a brewery.

Campervan access: MONA has its own somewhat limited parking and there are additional nearby car parks, as well as parking by the ferry dock.

Battery Point

Hobart’s oldest suburb was originally built in 1818 for a role in coastal defence and named for its battery of guns, which were only ever used for ceremonial salutes. Decommissioned in 1878, Battery Point today is home to a popular walking route amongst 1830’s convict-built architecture, some of which dates to the first European settlement of ‘Hobart Town’.

Of note are the 1836 neoclassical St George’s Anglican Church by two local architects and Arthur Circus, a collection of cottages constructed for officers of the garrison and the only circus in Australia.

Campervan access: Battery Point is a 15-minute walk south from the CBD and has widely available street parking.

Salamanca Place

Once the hub of Hobart’s colonial whaling days, today’s cobblestone-lined Salamanca Place has been repurposed into a popular collection of art galleries, theatres, pubs, eateries, and shops.

Built between 1835 and 1860 and revived in the 1970’s, quaint Georgian three- and four- storey sandstone buildings, which originally stored grain, wool, apples, and imported goods, line the historic waterfront along Sullivan’s Cove, just moments from the CBD.

On Saturdays, a city council operated market provides opportunities to purchase handcrafted products from more than 300 stalls.

Campervan access: Salamanca Place is a five min walk from CBD and accessible by from Battery Point by Kelly’s Steps. Street Parking is also available close to the market.

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