Camping Activities for Kids

11 Free Printables (PDF)


Summer is here, so we’ve prepared 11 fun camping activities for kids aged 5-10.


You can download all activities at once or individually below. Print them out in colour, or black-and-white.


Download all camping activities – Australian version (PDF)

3 in Camping Cards

A set of camping cards which can be used to play three camping-themed games:

  • Charades
  • Catchphrase
  • Memory
Included in the activity sheet are:
  • 25 cards to cut out 
  • instructions for each of the three games
Note: for playing the Memory game – print out two sets of cards.

Animal Alphabet Hunt

Camping Printable - Animal Alphabet Hunt activity

Camping Bingo

Camping Printable - Camping Bingo game

Campfire Tales

Camping Printable - Campfire Tales activity

Campground I Spy

Camping Printable - Campground I Spy activity

Camping Maze

Camping Printable - Camping Maze activity sheet

Camping Riddles

Camping Printable - Camping Riddles

Camping Word Search

Camping Printable - Camping Word Search game

Spot the Difference

Camping Printable - Campsite Spot the Difference activity sheet