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Tips for Hiring a Cheap Campervan in Alice Springs

  • book in advance – prices tend to be lower when the availability is still higher
  • be flexible with travel dates – while this might not always be possible, if you do have the flexibility, try moving around your travel dates – sometimes even a day or day two can make a difference
  • rent what you need – simply put, smaller campervans are cheaper. If you can forego the extra facilities such as a bathroom or shower, renting a smaller camper can save you a lot
  • use a price comparison tool – knowledge it the key to… lower prices. Compare and find the cheaper options

Note: We compare multiple individual companies – each has its own terms and policies. Use the below answers as a general guide, however always check the terms of your rental, as details of may vary from company to company.


Can additional drivers be included?

Additional drivers are generally allowed with an additional charge, assuming they are present at time of hire and have the proper license to drive the motorhome.


Are unlimited kilometres included in my rental?

This will usually depend on the type of campervan you are renting.

While many campervan rentals include unlimited kilometres in Australia, there are some exceptions. Often 4WD campers do not have unlimited kilometres included in the package. Always check the terms and conditions of each rental. Use our search tool to check which vehicles have unlimited kilometres and those where mileage is restricted.


Can I pick up or drop off my campervan at the branch after hours?

Most rental companies don’t allow for collection or return after hours.


Can I collect my campervan on a public holiday? Are there additional fees?

Rental companies may be closed for certain public holidays. For those depots that are open, a public holiday surcharge may apply. You’ll want to check carefully if you’re travelling at these times. To help you out, our search tool will indicate whether a depot is closed on a given day – simply enter your start and end travel dates and we will highlight any closed depots.


Are one way rentals available?

Yes. Many companies allow for one-way rentals. Popular routes starting in Alice Springs include:

  • Alice Springs to Darwin
  • Alice Springs to Adelaide

Tip: If there are one-way fees that apply, we have included them in the rental price, so it’s easier to compare and find the cheapest option. Simply choose your start and end destination in our tool and we will show you available vehicles.

A rental campervan on its way to Alice Springs.

Depots in Alice Springs

Please note: your pickup location may differ. Always check the pickup address indicated in your booking.

Apollo Motorhome Holidays
40 Stuart Highway, (Cnr Smith Street)

NT, 0871

Britz Campervan Rentals
Cnr Stuart Highway & Power Street

NT, 0870

Cheapa Campa
40 Stuart Highway, (CNR Smith Street)

NT, 0871

Maui Motorhomes
Cnr Stuart Highway & Power Street

NT, 0870

Mighty Campers
Cnr Stuart Highway & Power Street

NT, 0870

Real Value
40 Stuart Highway, (CNR Smith Street)

NT, 0871

Attractions around Alice Springs

Royal Flying Doctor

Service Located in a 1939 heritage Radio Station House, the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) maintains a unique tourist centre to learn about the mission of this still-essential Outback organisation.

With its roots in the early aviation days of 1928, the RFDS provides emergency and primary health care throughout rural and remote Australia. The tourist centre affords a chance to view historic medical equipment, radios, and vintage aircraft.

Campervan access: A car park is available on-site.

Desert Park

Billed as a combination of botanic gardens, zoo, Aboriginal cultural centre, and environmental conservation institute, the Alice Springs Desert Park is often a ‘first stop’ in town and, as such, provides an excellent overview of this unique environment.

Seven kilometres out of the town centre, the park contains three large walk-through desert habitats along a 1.6 kilometre trail: Desert Rivers, Sand Country, and Woodlands. There’s also the largest Nocturnal House in the Southern Hemisphere and a nature theatre, known for interactive Birds of Prey shows.

Campervan access: There is ample parking on-site at the park.

Reptile Centre

Since the year 2000, home to the largest collection of reptiles in the Northern Territory, the Alice Springs Reptile Centre is the place to go to learn first-hand about these iconic Australian creatures, most of which are indigenous to the immediate area.

100 animals from over 30 species can be found in the Centre, including goannas, Thorny Devils, many varieties of the world’s most venomous snakes, and a cave of geckos. 3.3-metre-long Terry the saltwater crocodile is a favourite, though he’s actually from the wetter Darwin area.

Campervan access: The Centre is just off the Stuart Highway and has its own car park.

Kangaroo Sanctuary

As seen on BBC/National Geographic’s ‘Kangaroo Dundee’, the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs has been dedicated since 2005 to assisting orphaned baby kangaroos. All visits are by organised tour and are held in the late afternoon, when the animals are just awakening from their daytime rest.

Kangaroos, that can be released, are returned to the wild; others (roughly 25, at a recent count) find a home in the Sanctuary’s refuge.

Campervan access: You are not allowed to self drive to the Sanctuary, however bus transfers are available from central Alice Springs.

School of the Air

Since 1951, children in Australia’s most isolated areas have been able to attend ‘school’ from afar, in conjunction with the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

While mobile phones and the internet have replaced the original pedal-powered radios, 125 students continue to receive daily lessons from the School’s 14 teachers. The School operates a Visitor Centre 3.5 kilometres from the CBD, where you can potentially sit in on a lesson or speak with the teachers.

Campervan access: The Visitor Centre has plentiful on-site parking.

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