Compare multiple campervan and motorhome hire brands in Broome:
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  • compare multiple companies at once
  • large selection of campervans and motorhomes
  • one-way rentals to Darwin, Perth and other locations available
  • 4WD campers available

Quick Tips - How to Find Cheap Campervans in Broome?

  • book in advance – prices tend to be lower when the availability is still higher
  • avoid peak periods – Christmas and the Easter holiday period are the most booked out and most expensive times to travel by campervan
  • rent what you need – simply put, smaller campers are cheaper. Renting a smaller vehicle can be the quickest way to save
  • use a price comparison tool – knowledge it the key to… lower prices. Compare and find the cheaper options

Explore Broome and the Kimberley region in your Western Australian camper adventure.

Broome Campervan Hire FAQ

Note: We compare multiple individual companies – each has its own terms and policies. Use the below answers as a general guide, however always check the terms of your rental, as details of may vary from company to company.


Are one-way rentals starting in Broome available?

Yes. Several companies offer one-way campervan rentals. Popular one-way routes starting in Broome include:

  • Broome to Darwin
  • Broome to Perth


Do one-way rentals include a fee?

Most campervan rental companies charge some form of one-way fee. When you select a one-way route in our comparison tool, we already include any of these one-way or relocation fees into the price we show you, so it’s easier to find the cheapest offer.


What living and cooking equipment is included with the vehicles?

As a general rule, campervans come with basic cooking and eating equipment and utensils and most companies also include bedding and shower towels. You’ll find details in our comparison tool.


Are unlimited kilometres included in my rental?

This will usually depend on the type of campervan you are renting.

While many campervan rentals include unlimited kilometres in Australia, there are some exceptions. Often 4WD campers do not have unlimited kilometres included in the package. Always check the terms and conditions of each rental. Use our search tool to check which vehicles have unlimited kilometres and those where mileage is restricted.

A rental campervan on its way to Alice Springs.

Attractions around Broome (WA)

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park

16 kilometres out of town, Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park affords a chance to get up close and personal with legendary Australian wildlife: crocs, cassowaries, kangaroos, wallabies, emus, kookaburras, dingoes, snakes, and more.

The park claims some of the largest crocodiles in Australia, representing five species of crocodiles and alligators. Three o’clock is feeding time, a chance to see the agile crocs literally leap for their food.

Campervan access: The park is easily accessed just outside Broome and parking is abundant.

Broome’s Historical Museum

Broome’s small, but intriguing Historical Museum provides an overview of the town’s key moments in history: the pearl industry in Western Australia, cyclones, World War II Japanese air raids, and more. Housed in a former general store, turned Customs House and a Sailmaker’s shed, aboriginal artifacts are on display, as well as the McDaniel shell collection.

Campervan access: The museum is centrally located and parking is easily found within walking distance.

Gantheaume Point Cliffs

Just ten minutes from Broome’s town centre and adjacent to Western Australia’s famous Cable Beach lies one of the area’s most photographed locales, Gantheaume Point.

Here the desert meets the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and red rock cliffs overlook a white sandy beach.

Red cliffs at Gantheaume Point

Cable Beach

Broome’s 22-kilometre-long iconic Indian Ocean beach sports dazzling colours: pure white sands, turquoise waters, and tall red cliffs.

Named for the telegraph cable that connected Broome with Java in 1889, Cable Beach is a popular locale for camel riding, and several types of turtles nest here October through February.

At the southern end of Cable Beach, Gantheaume Point allows for viewing of migratory whales and dolphins, along with 130-million-year-old fossil dinosaur footprints.

Campervan access: Designated car parks are available at Cable Beach.

Camel riding on Cable Beach

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