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Perth to Broome One Way Campervan Rental

Planning a road trip from Perth to Broome? Did you know you can rent a campervan one way? Compare vehicles from several campervan hire companies offering one way rentals from Perth to Broome.

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Perth to Broome One Way Itinerary

This itinerary from Perth to Broome will take you approximately 3,400 km through some of Western Australia’s outback areas.

Part 1: Perth

Things to see:

  • Kings Park
  • Fremantle Prison
  • Swan Valley

Part 2: The Pinnacles and Geraldton

Distance: 400-450 km

Estimated driving time: 4.5-5h

Attractions along the way:

  • Nambung National Park
  • The Pinnacles
  • Point Moore Lighthouse

Part 3: Geraldton to Kalbarri

Distance: 150-170 km

Estimated driving time: 1.5-2h

Things to see:

  • Murchison River
  • Kalbarri National Park
  • Pink Lake

Part 4: Kalbarri to Denham

Distance: 370-400 km

Estimated driving time: 4h


  • Shark Bay
  • Monkey Mia
  • Hamelin Pool

Part 5: Denham to Carnarvon

Distance: 300-350 km

Estimated driving time: 3-4h

Things to see along the way:

  • Kennedy Range National Park
  • Gwoonwardu Mia Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre

Part 6: Carnarvon to Exmouth

Distance: 360-400 km

Estimated driving time: 4h

Popular attractions:

  • Cape Range National Park
  • Jurabi Coastal Reserve

Part 7: Exmouth to Tom Price

Distance: 570-600 km

Estimated driving time: 7-7.5h

Popular Attractions:

  • Karajini National Park

Part 8: Tom Price to Port Hedland

Distance: 420 km

Estimated driving time: 4.5h

Things to see:

  • Millstream Chichester National Park

Part 9: Port Hedland to 80 Mile Beach

Distance: 250 km

Estimated driving time: 2.5-3h

Part 10: 80 Mile Beach to Broome

Distance: 380-400 km

Estimated driving time: 4h

Attractions nearby:

  • Crocodile Park
  • Cable Beach
  • Gantheaume Point Cliffs

Popular Attractions Along the Way

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park

10 miles out of town, Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park affords a chance to get up close and personal with legendary Australian wildlife: crocs, cassowaries, kangaroos, wallabies, emus, kookaburras, dingoes, snakes, and more.

The park claims some of the largest crocodiles in Australia, representing five species of crocodiles and alligators. Three o’clock is feeding time, a chance to see the agile crocs literally leap for their food.

Cable Beach

Broome’s 13.6 mile long iconic Indian Ocean beach sports dazzling colours: pure white sands, turquoise waters, and tall red cliffs.

Named for the telegraph cable that connected Broome with Java in 1889, Cable Beach is a popular locale for camel riding, and several types of turtles nest here October through February.

At the southern end of Cable Beach, Gantheaume Point allows for viewing of migratory whales and dolphins, along with 130-million-year-old fossil dinosaur footprints.

Gantheaume Point Cliffs

Just ten minutes from Broome’s town centre and adjacent to Western Australia’s famous Cable Beach lies one of the area’s most photographed locales, Gantheaume Point.

Here the desert meets the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and red rock cliffs overlook a white sandy beach.

Kings Park

One of the largest inner city parks in the world, Kings Park is well-known for its panoramic views from Mt Eliza over the Swan River and Darling Range. Just 1.2 miles west of the CBD, Kings Park showcases natural bushland and native vegetation; over 2,000 species of Western Australian flora are contained within the Western Australian Botanical Garden.

The park is also home to the State War Memorial and Bali Memorial, as well as a 750-year-old Boab tree from the Kimberly. Every September, the Kings Park Festival occurs – the country’s largest wildflower show and exhibition.


Located in Western Australia, Fremantle is a port city that stands outside the Perth Central Business District. The city is celebrated for its historical significance, with many buildings and architecture going back to Australia's early years. One of the highlights is Fremantle Prison, which dates from 1850. Today, the prison features recreated cell blocks and is a popular tourist location.

Swan Valley

Situated in Western Australia, Swan Valley is one of Australia's famous wine regions. The area is home to many natural landscapes, with opportunities for outdoor activities such as walking and cycling. There are also wineries with guided tours and tastings available, making it an excellent stopover on your road trip through Western Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel in the opposite direction - from Broome to Perth?

Yes - simply use the search tool at the top of this page to check availability.

Are there any one-way rental fees?

Campervan rental companies may charge a one-way rental fee. If there is such a fee we will include it in the rental price listed in our comparison tool.

Can I hire a campervan at Perth Airport?

While there are no camper rentals directly in the terminal at Perth Airport, there are several campervan rental companies within 2–24 km (1-15 miles).

The depots are easily accessible by taxi or Uber.

Can I take my campervan off-road?

No, most companies will only allow their vehicles to be driven on sealed bitumen roads.

An exception is Bargain Campers, which allows their vehicles to be driven on unsealed (gravel) roads in Tasmania, as long as these roads are properly formed.

Rental companies may make an exception for well-maintained access roads to a recognized campsite. However, the distance allowed on these roads may vary (between 500 and 12 km). Check the rental agreement for details regarding the exact allowed distance.

Different rules may apply to 4WD campers.

Can I take my rental campervan to Rottnest Island?

No, private vehicles are not allowed on Rottnest Island. Adams Coachlines runs the only bus service on the island. Walking and cycling are also popular ways to get around.

Note: policies vary from supplier to supplier. Always check the T&Cs for your rental.