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Popular one way routes starting in Adelaide

  • Adelaide to Alice Springs
  • Adelaide to Darwin
  • Adelaide to Melbourne (including the Great Ocean Road
  • Adelaide to Perth


Finding Low Cost Campervans and Motorhomes

How cheap or expensive a motorhome is often depends on a few key elements:

  • Seasonality and availability – prices go up around popular holiday seasons such as Christmas and Easter. This is because as vehicles get booked out many suppliers start increasing their prices on remaining inventory. Conversely, when availability is high – for example in winter months – many suppliers will lower rates to increase price competitiveness.
    The same is true of one way rentals – if a certain location has an oversupply of campervans the cost of a one way rental starting in that location may be lower. On the other hand popular one way directions may see higher prices due to additional vehicle return costs incurred by suppliers.
  • Time to booking – in general the earlier you book the cheaper rentals you can get. Some of the best deals and special offers are available several months ahead.
  • The size of the vehicle – larger motorhomes are more expensive to purchase and hence command higher rental prices
  • Age of vehicle – some brands stock newer vehicles, while others have a more aged fleet. This will often have an impact on the rental price – the approximate age of the vehicle can often be seen in the detailed description of the camper.

Use our comparison tool to find the cheapest vehicle that meets your needs and find the perfect companion for your Australian adventure.


Popular Camper Hire Spots across Australia