When is the best time to visit Tasmania?

The best time to visit Tasmania can depend a lot on the type of traveller you are. If warm weather is important to you then you should visit Tasmania between late November and February.

The downside, however, is that these months also tend to be the busiest. Expect to see larger crowds and more traffic on the roads. You will also find these months tend to be more expensive as occupancy rates are higher. In order to secure a booking during this time, you may need to plan your accommodation and travel well in advance.

Autumn and spring can be great alternatives if you are on a stricter budget. Accommodation is reasonably priced as there are fewer visitors. The weather in these months can be temperamental so it is good to keep a flexible itinerary should the unexpected happen.

When is it cheapest to visit Tasmania?

The cheapest time to visit Tasmania is during the winter season (June through August). Visitor numbers are a lot lower and accommodation is generally more affordable.

Being the winter season, however, temperatures are much colder and parts of the island can even experience snowfall. This can mean some of the major attractions may be closed and the roads can get slippery. While you can still have an enjoyable getaway, you may miss out on some of the popular locations due to unfavourable conditions.

What is the weather like in Tasmania?

Tasmania has four distinct seasons throughout the year – summer (Dec-Feb), autumn (March-May), winter (June-Aug) and spring (Sep-Nov). The climate is usually cool and mild with varying amounts of rainfall around the country.

The summers are cooler than other parts of Australia with average temperatures ranging from 17°C to 23°C.

Winter on the other hand can get chilly, with cold air coming in from the Antarctic. Inland it is not uncommon to experience frost or snowfall with the average winter temperatures ranging from 3°C to 11°C.

Rainfall is common all throughout the year but is most frequent in winter. The majority of rainfall occurs on the east coast of the island near the rainforest areas.

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