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Quick Tips - How to Find Cheap Campervans in Townsville?

  • book in advance – prices tend to be lower when the availability is still higher
  • avoid peak periods – Christmas and the Easter holiday period are the most booked out and most expensive times to travel by campervan
  • rent what you need – simply put, smaller campers are cheaper. Renting a smaller vehicle can be the quickest way to save
  • use a price comparison tool – knowledge it the key to… lower prices. Compare and find the cheaper options

Campervan Hire FAQ

Note: We compare multiple individual companies – each has its own terms and policies. Use the below answers as a general guide, however always check the terms of your rental, as details of may vary from company to company.


Are one way rentals available? Can I pick up and drop off in different locations?

Yes. Many companies allow for one-way rentals, and they are a popular travel option. In our search tool simply select your start location and drop-off point and we will show you vehicles that are available.


Are unlimited kilometres included in my rental?

This will usually depend on the type of campervan you are renting.

While many campervan rentals include unlimited kilometres in Australia, there are some exceptions. Often 4WD campers do not have unlimited kilometres included in the package. Always check the terms and conditions of each rental. Use our search tool to check which vehicles have unlimited kilometres and those where mileage is restricted.


Do campervans have automatic or manual transmission?

Both manual and automatic transmissions are available, though some companies only have one or the other and various camper models may be only one or the other. You can filter by transmission types in our comparison tool.


What happens if I cancel my booking?

In case of cancellations the deposit is non-refundable. An additional cancellation fee may also apply depending on the terms of the campervan supplier. The cancellation fee usually increases as you get closer to the scheduled pickup date.

The best way to cancel your booking is through the modification link in your confirmation email – we will then contact the rental company on your behalf and advise you of what fees will be charged.


Can you take any campervan off road?

Rental companies will often require you to solely drive on sealed roads, though there may be exceptions such as recognized campgrounds and other specifically named routes.

Note that drivers are responsible for all damage sustained on unsealed roads. 4WD campers have their own rules dependant on the rental company – please check details for the vehicle you are interested in.


A rental campervan on its way to Alice Springs.

Attractions around Townsville

Museum of Tropical North Queensland and Reef HQ Aquarium

The adjacent Museum of Tropical North Queensland and Reef HQ Aquarium provide insight into local history and marine biology.

Formed in 1987, the museum focuses on natural history, history, and archaeology; a featured exhibit includes artefacts from the HMS Pandora, a ship sent to capture those involved in the ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ that then wrecked on the reef in 1791.

Build as a Bicentennial Commemorative project, Reef HQ is the educational centre for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and houses the world’s largest coral reef aquarium, with 130 species of corals. A walk through a 20-metre-long transparent acrylic tunnel brings you inside a large predator tank, with resident blacktip, whitetip, nurse, and leopard sharks.

Campervan access: There is paid street parking near the Museum and also at The Strand, 200 metres away.

The Strand

Townsville’s 2.2-kilometre-long beachfront promenade has won awards as the cleanest beach in Australia, most recently in 2008. Dating to the city’s founding in the mid-1800’s, the Strand’s current incarnation is from 1999, following the damage from Tropical Cyclone Sid.

Officially situated in the suburb of North Ward, views are available back to Townsville and to Cape Cleveland and Magnetic Island.

Campervan access: The Strand is 1.5 km from the CBD, where there are many parking options. There are also some options on the Strand itself.

The Strand in Townsville

Billabong Sanctuary

17 miles south of town, Billabong Sanctuary is billed as Australia’s Best Interactive Wildlife Experience. In natural habitats of eucalypt forest, rainforest, and wetlands, Billabong offers unique hands-on experiences – here you can cuddle a koala, pat a wombat, free-ranging kangaroo, or dingo, and hold a baby saltwater crocodile.

Over 100 Australian mammals and reptiles are found at Billabong including, additionally, wallabies, parrots, and cassowaries. Croc feeding shows happen twice daily and there are tours – guided and self-guided – through the natural tropical bush.

Campervan access: Billabong Sanctuary is reached by the Bruce Highway and parking is available on-site.

Castle Hill

Dominating Townsville’s skyline, heritage-listed Castle Hill rises 286 metres above the sea level and is considered one of the most distinctive natural features of the Queensland coast. 360-degree views are possible over the city and across Cleveland Bay to Magnetic Island.

This pink granite monolith is popular for its walking tracks and was used as a vantage point by American soldiers during WWII; an observation bunker remains today on one corner.

Campervan access: Castle Hill is walkable from the CBD and there is also ample parking available.

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