Gold Coast to Bryron Bay: 7-Day Campervan Itinerary

Coasting to Culture—The Best of Beaches and Hinterland

Embark on the ultimate road trip adventure along Australia's magnificent east coast! This 7-day campervan itinerary takes you from the lively Gold Coast to the relaxed atmosphere of Byron Bay, guiding you through awe-inspiring landscapes, one-of-a-kind wildlife experiences, and vibrant cultural hubs in the area.

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Day 1: Surf, Sun and Seafood on the Goldie

Start your journey by hitting the waves at some of the best surf spots on the Gold Coast. Head to Burleigh Heads, Currumbin Alley, or Kirra Beach and catch some gnarly waves. Did you know that the Gold Coast is home to over 50km of coastline and some of the best waves in the world? It's also the birthplace of professional surfers Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson.

Not to be missed: The famous seafood market, Peter's Fish Market, where you can try some of the freshest seafood in the region.

Day 2: Wildlife Wonders

Get up close and personal with Australian wildlife at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Meet kangaroos, koalas, and crocodiles, and watch as birds of prey soar above you during the daily bird show.

Fun fact: The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the oldest and largest wildlife sanctuaries in Australia. It's been operating for over 70 years and is home to over 1,000 animals.

Day 3: Back to Nature

Take a scenic drive through the lush green hills of the Tweed Valley and visit the World Heritage-listed Wollumbin National Park. Hiking to the top of Mount Warning will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Inspirational: Did you know that Mount Warning is the first place in mainland Australia to see the sunrise each day—what will the day inspire you with?

Day 4: Chasing Waterfalls

Discover the natural beauty of the Northern Rivers region by visiting some of its stunning waterfalls. Minyon Falls, Killen Falls, and Protesters Falls are all worth a visit.

For the history buff: Protesters Falls was named after a group of people who protested against logging in the area in the 1970s. It's now part of Nightcap National Park and is home to an array of flora and fauna.

Day 5: Artistic Inspiration

Explore the vibrant arts and culture scene in the quirky town of Nimbin. Admire the street art and murals, browse the local art galleries and studios, and learn about the town's countercultural history at the Nimbin Museum.

Happy days: Nimbin was at the forefront of the Australian hippie movement in the 1970s. It's now known for its alternative lifestyle and laid-back atmosphere.

Day 6: Nature, Art and Culture in Byron Bay

Drive south to Byron Bay, a bohemian coastal town known for its relaxed vibe and beautiful beaches. Enjoy some beach time at some of the picturesque beaches in and around Byron Bay. Main Beach, Wategos Beach, and Tallow Beach are all great options.

Visit the Byron Bay Community Market for handmade crafts and local produce. You can also check out the town's street art and browse through the many art galleries.

Fun fact: Byron Bay is home to the easternmost point of the Australian mainland, Cape Byron, and is known for its rich cultural and artistic scene.

Day 7: Lighthouse Love

End your trip by visiting the iconic Byron Bay Lighthouse. Take a walk up to the lighthouse and enjoy panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding landscape. It's a popular spot for whale watching during the annual humpback whale migration.

Did you know: The Byron Bay Lighthouse was built in 1901 and is one of the most powerful lighthouses in Australia?

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