Adelaide to Melbourne: 7-Day Campervan Itinerary

From the City of Churches to the Cultural Capital

Are you ready to explore the stunning landscapes, quaint towns, and fascinating attractions of Southern Australia? With your trusty campervan by your side, you'll embark on a journey filled with spectacular views, thrilling adventures, and unforgettable experiences.

The famous St Xaviers Cathedral in Adelaide, South Australia

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Day 1: Adelaide to Hahndorf - A Voyage through German Heritage

Yearly village market on Hahndorf, South Australia

Your escapade commences in Adelaide, South Australia's cosmopolitan heart. Set off towards the delightful town of Hahndorf, a mere 30-minute drive away. This scenic town boasts the distinction of being Australia's oldest surviving German settlement, featuring numerous 19th-century edifices. The main thoroughfare is adorned with shops offering handcrafted items, authentic German fare, and local wines – ideal for a leisurely amble. Don't miss the opportunity to taste some of Hahndorf's renowned sausages and schnitzels!

Day 2: Hahndorf to Robe - Picturesque Coastal Cruising

Obelisk, historic landmark at Cape Dombey during sunset, Robe, South Australia

Next you'll head south along the coast towards Robe, a charming fishing hamlet situated on South Australia's Limestone Coast. En route, pause at Coorong National Park, a wetland sanctuary celebrated for its diverse avian population and striking landscapes. The park houses resident emus and kangaroos, which you may be fortunate enough to glimpse. Upon arriving in Robe, you'll encounter a delightful historic pier, ideal for a stroll while soaking in the village's relaxed ambience.

Day 3: Robe to Mount Gambier - A Journey to the Blue Lake

The Blue crater Lake at Mount Gambier, South Australia

As you progress towards Melbourne, your upcoming destination is the city of Mount Gambier. This compact city is renowned for its extraordinary geological wonders, including the famed Blue Lake. This remarkable lake exhibits a striking blue hue during summer, attributed to a natural occurrence known as seasonal colour change, influenced by factors such as temperature, sunlight, and the water's unique chemical composition. The lake adopts an intense blue shade in summer, while in winter, it assumes a dark grey tone. Wander around the lake and appreciate the sweeping vistas of the surrounding terrain.

Beyond Blue Lake, Mount Gambier presents various natural and cultural attractions like the Umpherston Sinkhole, Tantanoola Caves, and the historic city centre. Whether your interests lie in geology, history, or simply revelling in nature, Mount Gambier is an essential stop in southern Australia.

Day 4: Mount Gambier to Port Fairy - Exploring the Shipwreck Coast

Old river town with moored boats, Port Fairy, South Australia

Today, you'll venture towards Victoria's Shipwreck Coast, a wild, rugged coastline notorious for its numerous shipwrecks. Your initial stop is Port Fairy, an age-old fishing village that has preserved much of its 19th-century allure. Meander through the town's lanes, admiring the well-maintained colonial architecture. Next, seize the opportunity to visit Griffith Island, a nature reserve inhabited by a colony of shearwater birds.

Day 5: Port Fairy to Apollo Bay - A Scenic Drive along the Great Ocean Road

Twelve apostles at sunset, Great Ocean Road at Port Campbell, Australia

Brace yourself for one of the planet's most picturesque drives as you traverse the Great Ocean Road. This iconic coastal stretch is acclaimed for its mesmerizing views of the Southern Ocean, soaring cliffs, and rock formations like the Twelve Apostles – a group of imposing limestone stacks emerging from the Southern Ocean. These formations are among Australia's most frequented and photographed sites. Aim for a sunset arrival, when the sky's warm colors create a dramatic backdrop for the stacks.

Besides the Twelve Apostles, several other points of interest along the Great Ocean Road include the magnificent Loch Ard Gorge, London Arch, and Gibson Steps, which allow you to experience the rugged coastline up close.

Make a stop at the charming town of Apollo Bay, where you can savor fresh seafood and explore the numerous art galleries and handicraft shops.

Day 6: Apollo Bay to Phillip Island - A Wildlife Odyssey

Phillip island penguin, Victoria

Today, you'll make your way to Phillip Island, a favoured holiday spot renowned for its unspoiled beaches and abundant wildlife. The island is famous for its fairy penguin colony. Every evening, visitors can witness hundreds of these diminutive penguins emerge from the sea and waddle across the beach to their burrows, offering a truly distinctive and unforgettable spectacle. The island also hosts a variety of other wildlife, including koalas, wallabies, and numerous bird species. Visit the Koala Conservation Centre to see these endearing marsupials up close in their natural habitat.

Day 7: Phillip Island to Melbourne - The Art and Culture Metropolis

Princess Bridge and Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Victoria

On the final day of your campervan expedition, journey towards Melbourne, Australia's cultural hub. As you approach the city, make a stop at the Mornington Peninsula, a popular vacation area renowned for its hot springs, vineyards, and immaculate beaches. Once you reach Melbourne, drop off your campervan and delve into the city's myriad attractions, such as the National Gallery of Victoria, the Royal Botanic Gardens, and the vibrant street art-filled alleyways. Indulge in the city's globally acclaimed coffee and dine at one of the numerous top-tier restaurants before you bid farewell!

Adelaide to Melbourne: 7-Day Campervan Itinerary

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