Caravan vs Campervan - Which is better?

A caravan is usually a home or living space attached to a trailer. This means a caravan requires another vehicle such as a ute or larger car to be mobile. Caravans are joined to motor vehicles via a towing connection.

With campervans on the other hand, the living space is part of the vehicle itself. Usually the interior of a van or larger vehicle has been fitted out for living and sleeping. This means campervans are fully mobile and do not require another vehicle to transport them.

Pros and Cons


With the living space being part of the vehicle itself, campervans are usually much more mobile. There is no need to attach/detach a trailer which makes setting up and packing up a breeze. With the smaller vehicles being the size of a regular van, navigating through cities and residential areas can also be much easier. Campervans are generally easier to park and store also.

Caravans on the other hand require a little more skill to drive as the experience is similar to driving with a large trailer. When setting up in a campground for the night you will usually need to detach the trailer, which can require a little more time. One benefit, however, is that caravans can often be pulled by a larger car. This means you can detach the caravan, leave it at the campsite and explore the surrounding areas in just your motor vehicle.

Renting a Caravan vs Campervan

When it comes to rental both caravans and campervans come at a relatively similar price. The price will vary depending on the vehicle type, season and location but usually averages around $1,000 per week.

It is worth mentioning that there are more rental suppliers for campervans than there are caravans. This means campervans are generally more widely available for rent and with more options to choose from.

Cost of Buying a Caravan vs Campervan

Caravans are usually cheaper to purchase, with a brand new basic model averaging around $50,000. In addition you will need to pay the insurance and registration costs for both the caravan and the vehicle used to tow it.

A brand new campervan on the other hand averages around $70,000 or more. You will also need to pay registration, insurance and any other related fees.

Luxury models for both caravans and campervans can cost upward of $150,000.


Both types of vehicles have similar features available and the level of comfort is very much up to your budget. A basic campervan tends to be a little smaller but there are larger motorhome options available.

Campervan and caravan models will differ by many features – number of beds, shower and toilet options, kitchen size and features, size of the battery and more. It is worth doing a bit of planning and research to see what is the best option for your holiday needs.

Which is best for you?

Both a campervan and caravan are good choices and which is more suitable really comes down to the type of traveller you are.

If you are looking to spend a bit more time in each location and plan on staying at a campground for an extended period, a caravan is likely a good choice. It allows you the freedom to unhitch your caravan, leave it at the site and explore the surrounding areas.

However, if you plan to explore a lot, change locations often and want something a little easier to drive, a campervan will be the better choice. With so many rental options also available, it can often be a great option to dip your toes into the caravanning lifestyle.