Best Camping Destinations

Planning a camping holiday? Whether it’s free camping, glamping or exploring in a campervan, camping is a great option to see more of a location and even save a few dollars along the way.

Explore popular destinations below and check out our FAQs to see which type of camping is best for your next outdoor getaway.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is free camping allowed?

It depends on the destination. Some countries, such as Norway, New Zealand, the UK, and the US, have relatively welcoming free camping policies. In others, such as Australia and Canada, free camping is generally not allowed except for designated places.

Check our country and location pages for more details on rules in specific areas and for caravan park, holiday park, and campsite recommendations.

What is the difference between a campervan and a caravan?

A caravan is usually a home or living space attached to a trailer. This means a caravan requires another vehicle such as a ute or larger car to be mobile. Caravans are joined to motor vehicles via a towing connection.

With campervans (or motorhomes) the living space is part of the vehicle itself. Usually the interior of a van or larger vehicle has been fitted out for living and sleeping. This means campervans are fully mobile and do not require another vehicle to transport them.

What is glamping?

The word glamping is a combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping”. It is a style of camping that focuses on luxury and comfort.

Usually, glamping accommodations include features such as electricity, hot water, comfortable beds and expanded kitchen setups. This allows to experience the outdoors while still retaining the comforts of home.

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