Western Australia in 9 Outstanding Photos

Wave Rock at Sunset

Western Australia is the largest Australian state by far, covering a full third of the country’s landmass. This side of Australia bears a reputation for being empty desert and while two third’s of the state can be described as arid, there are unique and beautiful features here for those who seek them.

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New Zealand Captured in 12 Breathtaking Photos

Milford Sound

A world in miniature, New Zealand truly offers something for everyone. Here are 12 amazing photos that will make you want to visit NZ.  

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30 Bloggers That Will Inspire You to Explore the World

Inspirational travel bloggers to follow

Most people around the world get 2 to 4 weeks holiday a year – perhaps with the exception of the French, who get up to 6 weeks (imagine that)! How do you make the most out of your limited vacation time? And is it really possible to travel the world full-time?

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10 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Tasmania

Tasmania is the perfect destination for a self-drive holiday that will take you close to nature. Get a feel for Australia’s Holiday Island with these stunning photos.

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