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Low-Cost Campervan Rental in Australia

Trying to find the cheapest campervan hire deals? Use our tool to compare multiple providers, find low prices and current specials.

Several Australian campervan hire companies specialise in budget vehicles. Popular cheap options include smaller 2-berth vehicles called sleepervans or larger, but older motorhomes.

Popular Budget Campers in Australia

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Not all vehicles may be available. Use the search tool to check availability in your travel dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is campervan hire with unlimited mileage available?

Yes, generally unlimited kilometres are included for standard vehicle rentals in Australia. Limits are placed on some types of vehicles, e.g. 4x4 campers. The comparison tool will show you whether your preferred vehicle has unlimited or restricted kilometres.

Note: policies vary from supplier to supplier. Always check the T&Cs for your rental.

Saving Tips

How to find a cheaper campervan rental in Australia?

Book early

Some of the best deals are available early in the season. Book your motorhome rental well in advance and you could save $100s compared to last minute bookings.

Be flexible

The price depends on several factors such as travel dates, size of the motorhome, age of the vehicle, or pickup location. Being flexible on any of these may help you find cheaper offers.


Simply comparing competing campervan hire companies is often the best way to get a lower price. Use Camper Champ to compare prices across multiple suppliers.


Australian Brands with Budget Campervans


A smaller campervan rental company based in Newcastle, Advance Campervan Rentals offers 3-berth to 6-berth campervans. While some newer vehicles are available, many of the vehicles are older and come at a cheaper rate.


An Australian campervan hire company specialising in budget vehicles, all of its vehicles are 2-berths and are generally older. Awesome Campers is popular with the backpacker community and those looking for a low-cost getaway.


A family-owned campervan rental company catering for groups of 2–4, Calypso’s fleet generally consists of older vehicles. Calypso is popular with those looking for a budget holiday and has depots along the East Coast and in Adelaide.


A budget campervan brand with vehicles for 2–5 people, Driveabout is popular with backpackers and those looking for a cheaper alternative. Driveabout offers free airport transfer in many of the top locations. Many of these vehicles are older and come with the basic essentials.

Go Cheap

Go Cheap is a motorhome hire brand partnered with Cruisin’ Motorhomes and rents older models considered too old for the main Cruisin’ brand. Because of the vehicles’ older age, Go Cheap can rent these vehicles at a lower price.


Hippie is a budget camper brand that is part of the Apollo Group. It caters to the young traveller and allows drivers under 21. A Hippie camper is a small vehicle with beds for 2–4 people.


A popular campervan rental brand operating in New Zealand, Australia and USA, Jucy offers smaller campervans (2-berth and 4-berth) and will rent to drivers over 18. While not extremely cheap, Jucy still offers reasonably attractive prices for the budget traveller.

Lucky Rentals

A budget campervan hire company with 2 vehicle options available, Lucky Rentals has vehicles to suit groups of 2 or 3. Lucky Rentals’ fleet is comprised of older Jucy vehicles.

Spaceships Rentals

This is a well-known budget campervan rental brand offering a sleepervan camper. Spaceships are popular with backpackers and smaller groups (2–4) looking to travel on a budget. Spaceships also rent to drivers under 21.

Tasmania Campers

This is a budget rental brand with both sleepervans and 4WD campers available. Tasmania Campers generally supply older vehicles and come at a cheaper rate. The brand is part of a campervan rental network that includes Captain Billy’s.

Travellers Autobarn

A budget RV rental brand aimed at backpackers, Travellers Autobarn has campervans in multiple international locations. The company offers a wide variety of vehicles, from station wagons to 5-berth family models.

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