Compare 4-Berth Campervan Hire in Auckland

Looking for a 4-berth campervan in Auckland? This type or motorhome sleeps up to four people (either four adults or two adults and two children). 4-berth motorhomes are suited for small families or couples looking for a more spacious motorhome.

Popular 4-Berth Campers in Auckland

4 Berth Euro Star


4 Berth Euro Star

4 adults




Britz 4-Berth Voyager


4-Berth Voyager

4 adults

Portable toilet only


Jucy Condo



4 adults



Lucky Rentals Lucky Rover

Lucky Rentals

Lucky Rover

4 adults

Portable toilet only



Popular NZ Motorhome Rental Brands


Abuzzy is a midrange campervan rental brand offering 2- and 6-berth campervan models from 2008 to 2016. The company has airport pickup and drop-off available, and many of its vehicles have a few additional comforts included, such as higher-quality beds.

Adventurer Rentals

A smaller, family-owned camper hire company with two rental options available, Adventurer Rentals (formerly Nomad Rentals) offers an older sleepervan and a newer 2-berth hi-top. Adventurer Rentals has depots in Auckland and Christchurch and offers pickup and drop-off services with its rentals.

Aotea Campervans

A Christchurch-based campervan rental business, Aotea Campervans offers a single campervan model accommodating up to two adults and one child. Its campers are certified self-contained.


Britz is one of the larger campervan brands, with multiple depots in different countries and a wide selection of vehicles. Britz maintains a fleet of newer vehicles, with campervans generally being less than 3 years old. Britz is part of the THL group, which also includes Maui, Mighty Campers and other international motorhome hire brands.

Budget Campers

Budget Campers is part of a family of brands that includes Budget Campers, Freedom and Tui Campers as well as other international brands. The company is aimed at a cheaper market, offering older vehicles at an affordable price.

Coastal Campers

A family-owned and operated business based in the Coromandel Peninsula, Coastal Campers has 2–6 berth vehicles available. The company is unique in that it places no road restrictions on its vehicles.

Discover NZ

Discover NZ is a privately owned Nelson-based motorhome hire company established in 2003 with depots on the North Island and South Island. The company has newer-model vehicles for groups of 2–6. Most are self-contained and come with some additional luxuries.

Escape Rentals

Escape Rentals is a budget backpacker-style brand with vehicles for hire on both the South Island and North Island. Two campervan models are available, one being fully self-contained.

Freedom Campers NZ

Freedom Campers is part of a family of campervan hire brands that also includes Tui and Budget Campers as well as other international brands. Freedom Campers is aimed at the midrange market, with 2- to 6-berth vehicles available at a reasonable price point.

Happy Campers

A budget campervan rental brand with depots in Auckland and Christchurch, Happy Campers has a wide variety of vehicles available from 2 to 4 berths. Most of its vehicles are older (2000–2011) and come at a cheaper rate.


A popular campervan rental brand operating in New Zealand, Australia and USA, Jucy offers smaller campervans (2-berth and 4-berth) and will rent to drivers over 18. While not extremely cheap, Jucy still offers reasonably attractive prices for the budget traveller.

Kiwi Autohomes

A family-owned business established over 20 years ago, Kiwi Autohomes has vehicles to suit groups of 2–6. The directors of the company have over 35 years of experience in the NZ motorhome industry. Kiwi Autohomes rentals are available in both Auckland and Christchurch.

Kiwi Campers

Kiwi Campers was established in 2005. Kiwi Campers maintains a fleet of over 150 vehicles that includes 2-berth vans up to 7-berth motorhomes. Kiwi Campers has options to cater for groups of all sizes. Many of the vehicles are older and may come at a slightly cheaper rate.

Mad Campers

A new supplier in New Zealand (established in 2017), Mad Campers has two vehicles available: the 2-berth MAD 2 and a single-berth MAD 1 for solo travellers, both of which are certified self-contained.


Maui is another well-known NZ motorhome hire brand that is part of the THL group (Britz, Mighty and other international brands). Maui specialises in larger luxury motorhomes, with all its vehicles being less than 2 years old. A Maui campervan is often a good choice for larger groups and those looking for a comfortable road trip holiday.


One of the largest motorhome rental companies in Europe, McRent has expanded to New Zealand, with depots on the South Island and North Island. McRent generally supplies larger luxury motorhomes at a more premium price. Motorhomes are good for larger families and those with comfort as a priority.


Mighty is another campervan hire brand that is part of the THL motorhome rental group (Britz, Maui and other international brands). Mighty Rentals has vehicles for groups from 2 to 6. Mighty's camper fleet is made up of ex Britz and Maui vehicles that are considered too old to fit the main brands. It offers quality older vehicles at a cheaper price.


Nomad is a family-owned and operated campervan hire brand based in Clevedon, a rural part of NZ. The company has 2–5 berth vehicles available. Nomad’s vehicles are generally older and come at a budget price point.

Pacific Horizon

Pacific Horizon is a New Zealand–owned and operated campervan rental company specialising in premium motorhomes. All of its motorhomes are designed and built in New Zealand. The company has motorhomes for groups of 2–6, all of which are fully self-contained.

Road Runner Rentals

A family-owned and operated rental company established in 2006, Road Runner has rentals available in both Auckland and Christchurch. A variety of vehicles are available, from 2-berth vans to 6-berth motorhomes, some of which are certified self-contained.

Scenic NZ

Scenic Motorhomes is a midrange, luxury motorhome rental brand with 2 models of campervans available. The company has a 2016 4-berth and a newer 2018 4-berth camper available. It offers quality vehicles with a few additional luxuries included.


Another part of the Tui family, Sleepavanz is aimed at the backpacker market. It supplies the sleepervan style of camper at a budget price point.

Spaceships Rentals

This is a well-known budget campervan rental brand offering a sleepervan camper. Spaceships are popular with backpackers and smaller groups (2–4) looking to travel on a budget. Spaceships also rent to drivers under 21.

Travellers Autobarn

A budget RV rental brand aimed at backpackers, Travellers Autobarn has campervans in multiple international locations. The company offers a wide variety of vehicles, from station wagons to 5-berth family models.

Tui Campers

Tui is part of a family of brands that includes Tui, Freedom and Budget Campers as well as other international brands. The company has depots in Auckland and Christchurch as well as pickup locations throughout the country. Tui has newer, more premium vehicles, from sleepervans up to 6-berth motorhomes.

Walkabout Motorhomes

Walkabout is a midrange motorhome hire company offering newer luxury vehicles for groups of 2–6. The company was established in 1999 and has depots in both Auckland and Christchurch. Walkabout has free extras included on its larger motorhomes, such as outdoor tables and chairs.

Wanderlust Campers

Wanderlust is a budget camper brand based in Christchurch and specialising in 2-berth sleepervans. The company now offers self-service pickup and drop-off options, allowing renters to collect a vehicle without any staff interaction.