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Top Five Things to do in Darwin with a Campervan

Darwin is the place to be if you're looking for the best in the Northern Territory. Darwin has something for everyone with its stunning natural landscapes and unique cultural experiences. Here are our top 10 picks for Darwin's best sites to visit!

Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

If you're looking for something fun to do with kids (or adults), check out Mindil Beach Sunset Markets on Sundays from November through March. This is one of Australia's most popular beaches! With food from all over the world, live music and a relaxed atmosphere, the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets are your go-to place to soak up the tropical atmosphere of the city.

Darwin Waterfront

The Darwin Waterfront is a great place to relax and soak up the tropical vibes of the city. With its swimming lagoon, restaurants and bars, the Darwin Waterfront is a delightful place to spend a lazy afternoon and watch the colourful sunset.

Litchfield National Park

Just an hour's drive from Darwin, Litchfield National Park is a must-visit for any nature lover. With its cascading waterfalls, lush rainforests and stunning swimming holes, you can escape the city and connect with nature.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu is one of Australia's most iconic national parks, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its stunning landscapes, including its rugged sandstone escarpments, verdant wetlands, and tranquil floodplains. Ubirr is home to some of the best Aboriginal rock art in the Northern Territory. Yellow Water is one of the best places in the park to spot wildlife. The park is home to a rich array of flora and fauna, including crocodiles, wallabies, and over 280 species of birds fill the skies with their songs, making it a paradise for birdwatchers

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls is a waterfall in Kakadu National Park. The falls are located in a remote, isolated area of the park and are accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicles. The falls themselves are a series of cascades that drop over a series of rocky cliffs into a large pool at the base.

The Darwin Experience

For the adventurer looking for a new and exciting road trip, Darwin is the place to go. This city, located in the tropical Top End of the Northern Territory, offers everything from beautiful beaches to rugged outback landscapes. It’s the ideal place to kick off your campervan adventure because it's a hub for some of Australia's most incredible natural attractions and a campervan rental holiday really is the best way to get a sense of how vast this part of Australia really is.

Sunset over the harbour in Darwin, Northern Territory

The city offers plenty of activities for visitors who want to explore beyond their campervans. There are many beautiful beaches along the coast where you can enjoy swimming or snorkelling in crystal clear waters; numerous museums showcasing local history; outdoor markets with fresh produce harvested from nearby farms; and several cultural festivals throughout the year celebrating indigenous traditions such as spear throwing competitions or corroboree dancing (which means "dance circle").

The Northern Territory is home to some of the most famous national parks in the world. Darwin is skirted by two of the Northern Territory's stunning national parks: Mary River National Park and Litchfield National Park.

The Mary River National Park is a protected national park located in the Northern Territory of Australia, about 100 kilometres east of Darwin. The park covers an area of approximately 70,000 hectares and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including many species found nowhere else in the world like the exotic Brolga - our version of the pink flamingo! The Brolga is one of Australia’s most iconic birds and the only species of crane worldwide that is native to Australia. Several walking trails and picnic areas are located within the park providing visitors with opportunities to explore the region's natural beauty. The park is popular for birdwatching, bushwalking, and nature photography.

Litchfield National Park is known for its beautiful waterfalls, such as the Twin Falls and the Wangi Falls, which provide a welcome respite from the heat of the summer sun. The park also has a number of hiking trails, allowing visitors to explore the captivating landscape and see the park's many hidden wonders.

Wangi Falls in Litchfield National Park, NT

There are plenty of other nearby places to visit in this part of the world. Explore Kakadu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its stunning landscapes, rugged sandstone escarpments, verdant wetlands, and tranquil floodplains; take a hike through Bicentennial National Trail; or explore Alligator River National Park on horseback. The options are endless. If time is not an issue, take it slow and soak it up with a luxury motorhome. Another option is to rent a one-way campervan to cover further distances through Katherine Gorge, Alice Springs and Uluru and avoid the 15 hr journey back to Darwin.

Crocodiles in Darwin, NT