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Jucy Campervan Rentals

2 Berth

Cheapa Campa

2 Berth

Cheapa Campa

4 Berth

Star RV

6 Berth

Tui Campers NZ – Hi Top 4+1 Family Trail Finder

Sleeps up to 4 (with seating for 5). Has a 2-hob cook-top, microwave and fridge as well as a porta potty toilet.

Lucky Rentals – Lucky Roadie

A Toyota Hiace well suited for backpackers and travellers looking for a cheaper rental. Sleeps 3 adults and is available to drivers under 21 (must be 18 years old).

Spaceships NZ – Rocket 2 Berth

This Toyota sleepervan features a full-sized double bed and a rear awning. Minimum driver age is 18

Lucky Rentals – Lucky Rookie

A budget sleepervan for two, popular with backpackers. Minimum driver age is 18.

Apollo Motorhomes NZ – 2 Berth Euro Tourer

This luxury campervan includes a toilet, shower, a kitchen, large double bed and plenty space for storage.

Maui Motorhomes NZ – Platinum River

A new (up to 2.5 years old), Certified Self Contained vehicle accommodating up to 6 people.

Britz – 4 Berth Explorer

A Mercedes Benz or Volkswagen that sleeps four. Heating in driver’s and main cab, gas hot water, toilet & shower.

Mighty Campers – 6 Berth Big Six

Built on a VW, this luxury motorhome provides a large living area that can be transformed into a sleeping space with up to 3 double beds. Air conditioning and heating both in the driver’s cab and main cab. Comes with cooking facilities, toilet, shower and unlimited mileage.

Mighty Campers – 4 Berth Double Up

Two sleeping spaces above the driver’s cabin and a double bed in the back (converted from dining area). Self-contained with cooking facilities, shower and toilet.

Star RV New Zealand – Hercules RV 6 Berth

Sleeps up to 6 adults (3 double beds), includes a bathroom (shower and toilet), kitchen/cooking accessories, a side awning and a rear vision camera to help with parking.

Here are the most popular campervan hire pick-up and drop-off locations in New Zealand:

Not all one-way travel combinations are possible. Use our search tool to check availability.

#1 Book Early

As availability goes down, many suppliers put their prices up. Book your campervan rental as early as you can to get a cheaper rental.

#2 Be Flexible with Dates (if you can)

Sometimes picking up or dropping off your campervan a day or two earlier or later, can give you a better rate. Starting or finishing your rental on a Sunday or a public holiday will limit your availability and increase your costs.

#3 Check Different Pick-up or Drop-off Locations

You will find the largest availability (and generally lower prices) in two main cities: Auckland (on the North Island) and Christchurch (on the South Island). Smaller towns will often have less competition and higher prices.

#4 Read the T&Cs (no, really)

Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your rental. Companies have varying policies when it comes to insurance, deposits, allowed travel areas and other items.

#5 Have Your License Translated

If you have a non-English driving license, make sure to have a translation of it or an International Driving Permit (IDP) with you.

#6 Be Prepared to go Offline when Driving

Not all places in New Zealand have good mobile coverage. It’s a good idea to either download a map or have a paper version with you when driving. That said, getting around New Zealand is pretty simple (outside of Auckland). It’s quite often just one road that will get you to where you need to.

#7 Allow for Extra Time Travelling in a Motorhome

New Zealand roads are often windy and hilly. Especially if you’re in a larger motorhome, you may need to travel slower. Plan for extra driving time and let vehicles behind you pass through if you’re driving slower.

Note: We compare multiple individual companies – each has its terms and policies. Use the below answers as a general guide, however always check the terms of your rental, as details of may vary from company to company.

Can I hire a campervan on the South Island and take it to the North Island, or the other way around?

Yes, several RV rental companies in New Zealand have depots on both islands and accommodate for one-way trips. You will require booking on the interisland ferry. To check the availability of one-way interisland rentals, select your start and end locations in our search tool.

Where in NZ can I pick up or drop off my vehicle?

We compare campervan rental brands with depots on both islands. On the North Island: Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Rotorua, Taupo, Tauranga and Whitianga. On the South Island: Christchurch, Queenstown, Blenheim, Dunedin, Greymouth, Nelson and Picton. The number and type of campers available at each location will vary, as well as available one-way routes – use the search tool above to help plan your hire.

Does my rental come with unlimited kilometres?

Major motorhome hire companies in New Zealand generally provide unlimited kilometres; our search tool will show you if a vehicle does or doesn’t have unlimited mileage included. Always check T&Cs of the rental company with which you are considering to book.

What driver license do I need to drive a motorhome in New Zealand?

Your home driving license is usually sufficient, provided it is in English or accompanied by a certified English translation (an International Drivers Permit is also acceptable to be presented with non-English language licenses). Your license will need to be a full (non-provisional), valid license without restrictions.

What is the minimum age to drive a motorhome?

Most companies have a minimum driver age of 21. There are a few companies that will rent to those aged 18 and a few others that require a minimum age of 25. Enter the driver’s age into our search tool, and we will automatically filter vehicles to match.